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Abakada by Little Yellow Jeepney

Abakada by Little Yellow Jeepney

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Abakada introduces children to animals in Tagalog/Filipino using the original Filipino alphabet.


Before today, the number of letters in the Filipino alphabet varied, having four sets of letters since the pre-colonial times. Spanish missionaries introduced the Latin alphabet and the Spanish language. In 1939, Lope K. Santos developed The Grammar of the National Language (Ang Balarila ng Wikang Pambansa), which contained the alphabet for the national language abakada, named after its first three letters, representing the sounds in the Tagalog language. The result was 20 letters (5 vowels and 15 consonants). Abakada remained the national language's alphabet from 1940 to 1976.

The current Filipino alphabet includes 8 letters from the Spanish alphabet: c, f, j,  ñ, q, v,  x, z. This alphabet was instituted in 1987 during the Aquino presidency. 
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