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Flip Your Story: A Series of Taglish Storytelling Games

Flip Your Story: A Series of Taglish Storytelling Games

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Learn Tagalog while playing these interactive story games!

Storytelling fosters imagination, strengthens communication skills, and deepens one’s cultural understanding. Because storytelling can come in many formats, whether orally, played out through actions, written down with words and/or illustrated with pictures, Flip Your Story can be enjoyed by anyone from ages 4 and up, by kids and adults alike.

The goal of this is to have fun creating all types of tales, whether serious or silly, while learning Tagalog. Don’t worry about fluency. Enjoy using your imagination while increasing your vocabulary.

Ready, set … Flip Your Story!   


  • 54 story cards 
  • My Stories & Ideas Book – a spiral-bound activity book
  • Storytelling game ideas
  • Drawstring bag for storage & portability
  • A link to Tagalog vocabulary audio
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