Jeepney as Filipino National Symbol

Jeepney as Filipino National Symbol

Jeepneys are known for their colorful decorations, often featuring paintings, and accessories that reflect Filipino culture, pop culture, or personal preferences of the owners. The Jeepney is a popular mode of public transportation in the Philippines. It is a vehicle that evolved from surplus military jeeps after World War II.

Common terms people used during a jeepney ride

"Bayad po"

Bayad is a Filipino term for payment while po is a term used to show respect. Use this phrase to pay your fare not only in jeepneys but also in taxis and tricycles. It is commonly followed by saying where you want to get off and how many people are making the payment. Example, “Bayad po. Baclaran, dalawa (two).”

"Paabot po."

The phrase is used to ask fellow passengers to pass the payment to the driver or the change back to you.

"Para po."

Para means stop. The phrase is used when you need to get off the jeepney.

"Sukli po."

Sukli means change when you pay using a bigger bill. It is used when you are approaching your destination and the driver hasn’t given you your change yet.

"Magkano po?"

It is the local phrase for how much. Use it if you are not sure how much the exact fare is. Example, “Magkano po Baclaran?“

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